Here's what actual users are saying about Rosie:

“Thank you for creating Reminder Rosie! My dad is 94 years old and because of your product, he is able to live in an independent living apartment. He is forgetful so the machine helps him to get to exercise class, to the music concerts in the lobby and meals. It also reminds him when his favorite baseball team is on TV so he can watch them. He would be lost without Reminder Rosie!” 

— Amy Agrimson

Rosie is wonderful! I bought Rosie for my mom who tends to forget her meds. She says it is just like I was there reminding her because it plays back in my voice. … It is a great buy and I would recommend it for anyone!
— Sharon (Coos Bay, Oregon)
My partner has Alzheimer’s and getting her to take her meds and do other tasks has been very difficult. We tried alarm watches, but that didn’t work. Then I bought this and set it up. She loves it! Now she doesn’t miss her meds or other activities.
— Linda (Overland, Missouri)
Rosie reminds me of things during the day so I don’t get distracted and miss anything. The voice control is very good. I can just say commands from across the room to turn off the reminders. I have never been more satisfied with a product!.
— Johnnie (Richland, Washington)
After six months of daily use, Rosie has been very successful for my parents. It has enabled them to maintain their schedule at the assisted living residence and my parents seem to enjoy hearing my and my sister’s voice giving them the reminders. Thanks for bringing such a helpful device to market at a great price!.
— Cathy (Smithville, Ontario)
Rosie is the perfect anti-nagging device! In the war of Kids VS Parents, the parents gain some ground by using Rosie ….I found it less stressful for me as I can let Rosie do the reminding and make sure things were being handled. I no longer have to remember myself.
— James, Colorado Springs, CO
I ordered Rosie for my uncle who is Schizophrenic and takes medications six times a day! He has extreme time confusion and depends on caregivers to give him his meds. Not only has it helped his caregivers keep the medications straight and on time, it has made him safer.”
— Brenna (Missouri)
Rosie has become a member of our family. It not only aids in the care of my mother but it also relieves the loaded responsibly that my family had to care for my Mom. Not only does it give Mom her daily guidance but, due to your innovative design its my voice she hears...Thank you, your clock is truly a gift from God.
— Mike (Lawton, OK)
This item has actually changed my life! I suggest everyone get one because the rewards are endless.
— Jason (New York City, New York)