Reminder Rosie's success as a voice-controlled reminder system can be attributed to the follow four advanced technologies:

Many devices require fiddling with buttons and switches in order to operate them. Reminder Rosie, on the other hand, is always ready to hear your command. Just start talking and Reminder Rosie will be listening.

Too often with voice-operated devices, background noise is confused for real commands. Some devices mistake background music or every-day household noises for speaking. Reminder Rosie using the revolutionary technology of Word Spotting to pick out real words from ambient noise. 

Reminder Rosie is equipped with specialized software that processes spoken language in much the same way that humans do. By listening to both individual sounds and phrases, Reminder Rosie is able to understand exactly what you mean.  

Many digital clocks require repeatedly pushing buttons when setting the time to advance the hours and minutes. Reminder Rosie allows the user to simply state the time as if speaking to a friend.